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9 Tips to Create your Own Sacred Space

Having a sacred space is essential, it makes easier to stop and disconnect. This allows us to restore, clear, feel happier, calm, at peace and inspired.

When i was going through my awakening, divorce and healing from trauma, my bedroom became my sanctuary. it is made so i can fully BE with my emotions, my soul, where i can fully let go, reflect, be sexual and process things.

Do you have that space? If not, Below i share with you a few quick tips on how to make any space YOURS and SACRED.

This place should always be free of clutter and dirt, this allow the energy to flow in and out. Remember that  this is the place where you will rest, dream and reflect.

  1. Have light: Candles or Himalayan pink Salt Lamp, My place is full of tinkle lights i love them.

  2. Bring Natural Light into your space – Sun is cleansing. Open the windows.

  3. Smells, get your favorite smells as incense, candles or oil diffusers.

  4. Favorite Books and music at hand.

  5. Coloring books or journal.

  6. Comfy soft blankets and Pillows

  7. Pictures of love ones or Art that inspires you.

  8. Bring spiritual objects, Crystals and Nature. Plants.

  9. Avoid having a tv in your bedroom. Take your place to relax and Be.

If you need help creating a space that matches your soul, ask me about my Intuitive Home design offerings.

I use my intuitive gifts to channel your soul and turn your home into a soulful space. I clear all negative energy, and teach you how to do the same.... My packages range from just clearing your house, to completely redesigning it to align with your souls energy, with YOUR unique vibe.

For more details and information about my packages please message me.


Suhanna 🤍

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