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Being a Queen

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Softly lean into your sacredness and allow your heart and Yoni flow to take you where you belong.

You don’t need to rush, hustle or exhaust yourself to exist, to call your partner in. He will join your path if he is meant to, if he measures up to your sacredness, can he be a king by your side?

Being a Queen, requires us to stand strong into what feels true FOR US, to trust Our divine wisdom and soul. We are Oracles.

It is not an easy task, we have been tough we can’t be all that. To be small and agree with it all. To follow the line.

But a queen doesn’t do that, she uses her power to step outside the lines and build herself to embody her true sacred nature.

She fights, but she also flows. She is love, but she can also burn kingdoms down. She lives in abundance, she dances and feels joy.

Being a queen means continuously expanding your heart and evolving as you do that.

Do you know how to embody this feminine archetype? Fill out the contact form to connect with and get you started.

Suhanna 🤍

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