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How to Ground yourself as a Masculine Being

Hello King, Let's talk about intentional grounding.

Grounding, is essential to our general well being but also because it is a practice that has been lost trough time. Going back to it allows us to connect to our primal side.

Everything done with intention gets done better and can also assist us into a life of more alignment. Intentional grounding is about consciously doing so with a CLEAR intention, for me often is to bring me back to center, to calm myself after an intense PTSD episode, and to align me with my spirit and physical body so i don't feel space out.

Intentions can be change as you need, but always be clear as to why you are grounding, for what purpose are you doing so.

What are the Benefits of Intentional Grounding?

  • More connected bring you back to your center.

  • Gain clarity.

  • Improves sleep and digestion

  • lowers stress and anxiety

  • Improve your Energy levels

  • Regulates heart and lowers blood pressure

  • Minimize inflamación and More.

How do you know if You might be ungrounded:

  • Feel Dizzy or space out

  • Easily Distracted

  • Lost in time

  • poor concentration

  • Inability to communicate effectively

  • Feel unsafe in the world

  • Accident prone, Clumsy

  • Numbness lower body

  • Easily irritated or overwhelmed. Lots of men deal with suppress anger.

Easy ways to ground:

1. Walking barefoot for 10+ minutes.

2. Chopping wood or doing work around your place with your hands. keep busy.

3. Go fishing or play a sport. Something that brings your primal out.

4. Doing a workout with heavy lifting, or a workout that is challenging.

5. Cold showers or bath with cold ice water.

6. Guided Grounding Meditation: There are many free options on youtube.

7. Technology for earthing, earthing mats, earthing sheets (Check amazon), there are a few options there.

8. Raw primal Intentional sacred sex.

Yes, it is that easy, As strong masculine man you would like to stay grounded and have a clear head to lead your family properly and stay in your purpose.

A man who is ungrounded is a danger to society and to the feminine, it allows the wounds to rule over and create chaos. This can lead to toxic behaviors and situations.

Hope the helps you start your daily grounding practice, remember that No matter what you do or use to ground, make sure to do it daily for long lasting results and a centered grounding life.

If you would like to explore more of your masculinity with me, book a session below.


Suhanna - The SpiritWalker


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