Protective Cosmic Tool

Hi Beautiful Soul!

Was Just was given this morning the awareness that i have been giving my power to grand mother moon and planets to affect me deeper than they should or could as they dance through the magnificent space. Does this resonate?

Humans are all affected by the shifts and different dances. They bring up things to become conscious to us and inspire to make life decisions, changes and assist in our ascension.

All that is great, the problem comes when the energy is so intense that keeps you down for two weeks a month like the new moon and full moon do to me. It is exhausting and it has been affecting my life as I can barely function and the mood swings can create caos within my relationships, i don’t want that. do you?

My guides gave me the tool below and reminded me that with intention all is possible and how i could take my power back and have self responsibility besides using my normal self care tools.

Take 5 deep slow breaths and then Say

“ I am fully shielded from any cosmic change or shift”

Then Visualize a thick sphere of light covering you fully that is always around you no matter where you are or what you are doing.

“No planets or moons can cause my happy and centered mood to shift”

No planets or moons can affect my sleep and energy field, i navigate the shifts with ease and grace”

I welcome reflection and upgrades as they come without the turmoil, i navigate them with love and ease

In all times lines, dimensions, Past present and future.

It is done it is done it is done. Thank You thank you thank you.”

Energy and planets shifts are necessary and they are part of the bigger plan to bring humanity into a higher level of consciousness and Unity, They make sure our shadows come up so they are doing their job. It is up to us to surrender and receive them the best way we can.

I hope this tool helps you navigate the cosmos with better ease as you, Yourself step into higher planes.

Much love.

Suhanna-The Spiritwalker.

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