The new moon also known as the dark moon is like a new page in a notebook, a clean state opportunity to start again. It is a start of a new energetic cycle. The new moon is a good way to plant seeds and set goals, and prepare for the upcoming month.

Here are a few a rituals that you can do this upcoming New Moon, this moon strongest power happens on the actual day, and potentially for two days before or after.

The energy of the new moon has been know to enhance the power of intentions.

Intention is when you become clear About what you want to create your life experience and how you want it to show up in every moment.

1. Write down all your wishes, desires, dreams and intentions.

Get grounded and center before doing so, you can meditate or take a walk. Be specific and CLEAR, the universe doesn’t respond well to uncertainty. Write with a strong meaning I WILL, I AM, THIS WILL.

Do's and Don'ts when writing your intentions with the New Moon:

Do wish for anything you want, YOU DESERVE IT!

Do take baby steps, for example you cannot wish for a car if you don't have a Job, wish for the job first.

Do wish for a feeling

Do NOT wish for a specific person or for someone to change, remember everyone is on their own path and has free will.

Read the list you made aloud to the new moon. Once you do that thank God, The goddess, the universe for listening. You can also lit a candle in offering. Fold the paper you wrote your list and keep it safe so you can read it again (i suggest for 7 days morning and night). You can also read it often until the full moon and then release the energy in sacred fire trusting in it coming into your life.


“I welcome transformation, I welcome growth, I welcome abundance, I know what I need, I AM READY, Thank you thank you thank you, It is Done"

Things to remember:

*when setting your intentions remember to do so from a clear, centered, high vibrational state. Get grounded and center before doing so, you can meditate or take a walk.

*Intention+action= Magic. Universe will put opportunities in your way, take action when you see them.

*If you are setting an intention based on fear, anger, or in attempt to run from soothing “bad” or challenging they won’t come true.

*If it doesn’t match your current vibration or doesn’t align with your soul desires or doesn’t serve your highest good it won’t happen.

Stones for the New Moon:

Labradorite is the new moon stone. Hold it over your 3rd eye and say:

“I set intentions for new beginnings knowing that I am supported by the earth below and the moon above me”

2. Sacred New Moon Bath:

What you need for the sacred space (bathroom:

-To clear the space, Palo Santo or Sage (do this first and say ")

-Candles (white or pink) or soothing incense

-Music of your choice

-Crystals (amethyst, rose/clear quartz)

What do you need for the water:

-Himalayan pink or sea Salt (coarse), you can also add baking soda.

-Oils of your preference (lavender, rose oil, vanilla, sandalwood)

-Herbs (sage, mugwort, rose petals, Jasmine )

-Don't forget the bubbles!

Drop all the items in the water and stir with your hands a little, FEEL it, get in and visualize your energy being renewed .


“I AM reborn with this New Moon”

“I embrace the new beginnings opening to me this New Moon”

“I AM open to the unfolding path and synchronicity that flow into my world”

“I let go of what is no longer serving me and open to what is”

“I AM open to receive, I am open to abundance”

“I AM wholly rooted in my truth”

Thank you , thank you, thank you, it is done it is done it is done.

As always, please share, text, or forward this article to anyone who needs it and be sure to drop a line in the comments. Love hearing your thoughts!


Suhanna-The SpiritWalker

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