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Why Healing is not for everyone.

Anyone can heal, but very few choose to.

Healing is comfortable, it is painful, it is shocking and takes being vulnerability, self accountability and humility.

Not many are willing to walk through the valley of their shadows and face their darkest.

Healing it is also very calming, peaceful, grounding and beautiful. It can be pleasant and can feel like bliss. It brings clarity and join.

But Not many feel they deserve these amazing feelings.

Healing is not for the faint of heart. It requieres strength and will power to push through the dark nights, being willing to ask for help and receive it.

Being willing to know we all fail at life, that we can also, make mistakes.

Healing is the most amazing and painful experience you will able have, and it is also the most rewarding because is when we get to experience being a raw human beings and also experience who we are at a soul level.

Once you know WHO you are and HOW powerful you are, there is never going back.

What you can achieve and be is limitless and all UP TO YOU.

Healing is not for everyone because not many are willing to be called out and be uncomfortable.

Healing is for those who are ready to wake up and LIVE for more.

Are you one of those? Contact me to start your journey.

-Suhanna 🤍

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