The Awaken Woman 

Welcome to “The Awaken” Mentorship program. 


This is a 4 Weeks mentorship program designed to support and assist you in your newly awaken life. 

Spiritual awakenings mark the beginning of your initiation on the spiritual path. Spiritual awakenings can happen at any moment or period in your life. They can be spontaneous, but they can also be triggered by major life changes, illnesses, tragedies, and traumas such as life-threatening illnesses, car accidents, divorces, war, midlife crises, and much more.


Waking up for me was a disaster, full of confusion, i had no idea what was going on, i felt so empty inside, lost, disconnected. Losing my mind, I thought i was insane, so depressed. At the same time i was awakening to my intuitive gifts, FUN times. It was tough to see i was the ONLY responsible fro my reality as it was, to see the truth can hurt but i didn't have to do it alone and i don't


 An awakening can cause major changes in your life, mined was a divorce. As you open your eyes, well 3 to the truth of your reality. You are able to see that the reality CREATED, was not what you truly wanted, what your soul was aligned with. 


It feels like we have been fed lies all along, and yes many lies. We realized what we thought was important truly is NOT. 


When one awakens, color changes, they are brighter, and your heart does too. We tend to  ask ourselves the meaning of our life, whats our purpose, feeling energy to even start experiencing other dimension in one, dreams, visions, tingling everywhere, feeling as if you are being watch and other magical things. 


How to know if you are experiencing a Spiritual awakening? Do you… 


  1. You feel as though your life is false, craving for meaning and purpose

  2. You begin asking deep questions, because realize that a lot of what you’ve been taught is a lie

  3. You feel completely lost and alone, You see through the illusions of society.

  4. You want to ‘purge’ your life, sometimes You desire to be alone

  5. Conversations seem shallow

  6. You might want to quit your job

  7. You thirst for authenticity and truth

  8. You are more aware of your old negative habits

  9. You experience anxiety and/or depression

  10. You feel more sensitive

  11. You want to make the world a better place

  12. You deeply want to understand who you are

  13. Your intuition seems heightened

  14. are experiencing more  synchronicity

  15. You feel more wonder and curiosity

  16. You want love unconditionally

  17. You see that we are all One, and more

IF these resonate with you, you have woken up. and let me tell you, you're one for a beautiful crazy ride. 


Awaking up is an opportunity to begin Again

You deserve to wake up to whatever its hurting you, heal from it and let it go. 


You deserve to wake up to whatever is holding you back, heal it and align to your true path. 


YOU DESERVE to wake up to your voice, your own intuitive gifts and Soul

The awakening is beautiful and also magical. It can also be painful as we get To see so many truths, confusing and i don't want you to do it alone. 

Investment is $555.00 


With my guidance, support and teachings, you can move through the changes with grace, integrate the shifts with ease. Harness your intuitive gifts and use them to make your life full of  magic and joy

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Suhanna helped me sort out things in a very difficult period of my life. Her guidance and intuitive gifts helped me navigate a painful awakening process. She is very compassionate  and at the same time very honest.  For that and her constant support I am eternally grateful!"

— Waleska, Intuitive Eating Coach


“Suhanna opened up parts of me I was not able to do before, acknowledging where I need to work on myself now.  


I loved How comfortable it feels to talk to her, as if I have known her all my life.  


Now i feel Relieved & calm...and I have clarity on what I need to do from here on out.”

-Yariela Carvajal