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A 3 Month group mentorship where I will walk you through the process of inner transformation, heart connection and soulful freedom.

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Hi, i am Suhanna and I don’t believe in settling for a mediocre and empty life, living by others visions,  fears or disconnected from the heart. I Am an Energy healer and intuitive coach, and its my mission to help powerful loving  people LIKE YOU TO live from a place of Love, and flow rather than fears and societal chains.

In 2017 i decided to stop living in fear and to just do it and show up for my life. 


Living in fear was making me literally sick and exhausted. I wanted to feel alive and breathe, to feel joy and excitement. Now i am Here. 


I learned that the power was in my hands and now i want to pass that knowledge unto you and activate the shit out of you. 


I have gather the tools that make shit happens so you don’t have to waste time “figuring out” but actually healing and creating your best life.


The creation of this program has been fully channeled from source and done with the utmost intention for you to walk away with your life in YOUR hands and with the tools to  make it yours as you continue to evolve. 


Below are the details of what will Go down each week but don't let it fool you. We will be diving DEEP. 



March 7th 2022

7::30 PM


  • Introduction

  • Activation of higher level of awareness (Current reality evaluation)

  • Shadow work around current blocks

  • "What needs to be Gone" guided meditation 

  • Group energy clearing 

  • Q&A



  • Activation of Divine feminine sensual energy and inner voice essence

  • How to Tap and Harness your sexual and divine sensual energy

  • How to be in feminine flow to make magic happens

  • All about Self pleasuring tools

  • Orgasms for Manifestation

  • Group Energy clearing



  • Activation and integration of Future șelf 

  • Life vision Guided Meditation 

  • Intention setting ritual

  • Group Energy clearing

  • Q&A



  • Closing LIVE Session

  • Q&A


  • Session will be done LIVE through Zoom, cameras must be on. ALL Calls are mandatory.

  • It is important to  have emotional, physical  and mental space for this program.

  • Facebook group for processing and support

  • Bring paper and pen to sessions to take notes 

  • Have Pinterest account or materials to make your Higher self activation board


So if you're registering my request from you is: take this program seriously. Commit to the full weeks, because they'll be filled with magic, activation, clarity, and action.


The Tuition of the program is US$222

*Two payment plan is Available, message me to discuss

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