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The Raw and Radiant

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Hello New Members! Thank you SO much for being here!


If you are new to my Work, I Am an Born Energy healer and intuitive life coach, it is my mission to help powerful loving women LIKE YOU to rise up, live from a place of Love and flow rather than fears, wounds and societal chains.

I created this community group to share free healing and uplifting content and also do some free healings and readings here and there.

This group continues to evolve as i do too so if you see changes don’t be surprise. Healing is not linear and i never stop expanding.


✨Please be kind, compassionate and loving towards yourself and other members.

✨No spam or self promotions allowed

✨No hate speech or bullying

✨Respect everyone’s privacy

If you are ready to change your mindset, Elevate your life and manifest the reality you have always dreamed of, you have to check my 1:1 sessions and Coaching programs.


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  • March 28, 2022


  • Suhanna-The SpiritWalker
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