The Evolved Woman Mentorship

"An evolved woman is fully aligned, she embodies the Energy of the universe by living + acting in deep awareness of her purpose + true self."

I’m more than a Healer — I help people with my proven divine and down to earth approach provides an intuitive understanding of major roadblocks and shadows to assist and activate major mental, emotional and spiritual life transformation.

During this mentorship you will receive

1:1 Support and Guidance

I will hold space for you with compassion, love and walk with you every step of the way.

8 Intuitive Sessions

1 Hour session where we will dive into your current blocks struggles and create a path of healing to get you where you want to be and how you want to feel. 

Weekly Check ins

Stay on track with regular online check-in through email or text during business hours.

Tools on how to live with Intention, mindfulness and fully aligned

Learn to tune into your own inner guidance and sexual energy

Tools on how to live with Intention, mindfulness and fully aligned

Meditation and grounding Techniques

Spiritual Practices

Honor your Voice and Power

Learn how to meditate, protect your energy and ground in ways that work for YOU. 

Create Spiritual practices and daily habits that resonate with YOU.

Connect with your own inner voice, find your truth and stand strong in your power. 

This is the right program for you if

  • You are a woman going through BIG life changes, need support and healing through the process and transitions.

  • You have a big vision for your life but you're not sure how to get started. 

  • You feel stuck. You're doing everything you can think of but you just can't get moving. Ask yourself often “what”s my life purpose”.

  • You are open, willing and READY for change, healing and committed to getting it.

  • You Need guidance on how to FIND YOUR TRUE SELF and live in alignment.

  • You already had a session with me and would like to continue working together in your sacred Soul journey.

  • You're struggling to accept the next phase of your spirituality or soul’s journey.

  • You're struggling to create joy, peace, or happiness in your life.

Details of this mentorship program

  • This package includes 12 1:1 sessions, it can be paced based on your soul speed levels as we move through the road blocks and implement new habits.

  • Program investment is of USD $1,222.00, Payment plans are available upon request.

  • After our discovery call, i will send you a coach/client agreement to sign where we set up the details of payment, platform of use, times and days for our sessions.

  • The 1:1 sessions are done Online via ZOOM, FaceTime or whatsapp if you are out of the USA. 


My Approach 


First, I listen:

I’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand you, your life as it is now, roadblocks and needs. Here we’ll highlight what makes you YOU, and define key steps to start healing, releasing and creating your new reality.


Then i tune in:

Together and with the assistance of our energetic team, we’ll talk about your current situation and how you would like to feel and live during and after the program is done. 

Lastly, We create

As we dive deep during the sessions, What we learn sets the foundation for a vision and healing process that will lead the way to success and transformation in your life. 

My clients often say that having a session with me is like seating down with a long time friend, this is because i am human as F , Down to earth, and also an empath thats where the divine comes in. I KNOW exactly how you feel, and i can feel it in my body as well. My intuitive gifts allow me to also tap in and see the big picture for you. Also give you guidance on next steps.

The Next steps could involve setting up processes, taking assessments, changing communication habits, or establishing a daily practice.


As an intuitive life coach and mentor i Help you connect on a spiritual level, infuse the sacred and spiritual into the everyday while giving you practical actions to become the woman you are meant to be!

How do we get started? 

For this Mentorship program i am only taking a limited amount of clients, and only those i feel will be a good fit to work with me.

In order to be considered for this program, please fill out the following form telling me about you and why you feel we will be a good match. 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.