Every Full moon brings something new for us to heal, learn and to let go, but is always good to use this intense energy to release and make space for the new that we set during the new moon. It is my favorite time of month to let go of anything that brings up Luna with intense her power.

Below are a few rituals you can do to release what needs to be let go.

#1 3 Day Ritual

•Day Before: Past

Write down what you want to leave in the past

Fold 3 times away from you.

•Day of the Full Moon: Present

Write down what you want for the present fold 3 times, burn. Burn under the moon light

•Day After: Future

Write down what you want for your future. Fold 3 times towards you. Burn under the moon light.

*Please be cautions when burning your papers

#2 Full Moon Release

On a piece of paper Write down all that does not serves you anymore.

(Attitudes, emotions, relationships, people, illness, pains, bad habits, addictions)

Go outside if possible and burn under the moon light and thank God, Spirit, the Universe.

*Please be cautions when burning your papers

Full Moon Invocation for during Meditation

I release that which is not mine

I release all obstacles to my path

I release limiting beliefs

I release fears and doubts

I release those relationships that no longer serve my higher good

I release attachment to outcome

I release externalized desire

I release pain and suffering as a means to growth

I release all that which is no longer in alignment with my highest self for the greatest good.

#3 Creatie Moon Water

The Full Moon is also the perfect opportunity to make some moonlight water to drink so you can cleanse and charge yourself up too!

Grab a clear crystal bowl or bottle and fill it with purified or spring water, take it outside under the moonlight or through a window. Place an intention for what you want to create or tune into. I like to also put a clear quartz to magnify the power of the moon. Pick up your water and bring it inside the morning after the full moon.

I usually drink it right away, before meditating and before my sessions. I believe it can boost our psychic abilities, promote healing and even increase our creativity.

#4 Charging Crystals, cards and Sacred tools

I love this one and i do it every full moon, i cleanse my crystals and sacred tools by burning white sage around them and then place them under the full moon light over night.

Thank Mother moon for her energy blessing.

Do you have a special ritual? Spread the knowledge and share this post. Keep an eye on my facebook page where i share Luna info from the experts.

Love and light,

Suhanna - The SpiritWalker

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