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7 Tips to Make your Sundays slow and easy.

Sundays are meant to be slow and easy. No rushing, not running anywhere. Is the day before the "work week starts" and we should spend that time noursinh ourselves so we can be able to fully expand and get things done during the week ahead.

Also, Feminine energy needs care and nourishment to thrive, taking care of ourselves and finding space to relax and feel pleasure is key to keep our waters running and our creativity flowing.

Below I share some of my Morning Rituals: ⁣

Breathe: Take 5 slow deep breaths, call back in your divine soul essence, set the intention that this morning and during your day, you will stay centered in your heart, fully embody the divine being that you are. ⁣

Cleanse and refresh: Drink water⁣. Make yourself a bath with sea salts and bubbles or take your time in the shower.

Move: Stretch, dance. ⁣Sundays are meant to be slow. Take your time.

Call in Abundance: write down 3-5 things that you are grateful for today.

Nourish your body: Have a healthy breakfast. Take your time eating, savor your meal.

Pleasure: Set a moment to pleasure with or without your partner. ⁣Go slow, focus on how touching feels on your skin. Breathe slow and deep.

Nurture your senses: Light a candle, incense or Oils⁣.

May these simple tips bring enjoyment and pleasure into your daily life.

Much love to you,

Suhanna - The SpiritWalker⁣


Ps: Do you need help connecting back to your true self and divine essence? Book a 1:1 with me to start healing.

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