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How to raise your Vibration

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Hi dear reader, I want to talk to you about VIBRATION. You might have heard me mentioning it before and how some days i feel very low or how feel when i pick up someone's negative vibe.

So, what is vibration? Your vibration is the frequency that your energy body resonates at, every person has its own vibration, the higher your vibration, the more aligned and connected you will be with your true SELF and your greater purpose BUT when is low it attracts negativity and it is easier for attachments to get to you. By attachments i mean earth bound spirits, and other nasty things. They can't harm you but can influence your behavior and mess with your thoughts.

It is good to become aware and learn to rise it up because when we vibe high it is easier to enjoy life, attract abundance and happiness, and as you know life happens so knowing what to do to come back up and not stay low too long comes handy. It is very important to process all negative emotions, by processing i mean talking, writing, feeling it BUT staying too long there can suck you in and get you stuck.

How do you know when you're vibe is high or low? Pay attention to how you feel, physically. Here are a few examples:

High vibe:

Feeling light, connected, grateful, forgiving and healthy.

You are creative and feel you have found your calling in life.

You can delay pleasure if it does not serve you.

You are patient and kind, empathetic. Open to different types of people.

Opportunities and new doors come your way

You experience syncronicity and much more.

Low vibe:

You struggle with a chronic illness, eat a lot of unhealthy foods, deal with anxiety or depression.

You suffer from guilt complex, bottle up feelings like resentment and jealousy. Hard to forgive yourself and others

Feel stuck and undeserving, make poor choices and Find it hard to make progress in life.

So if the above resonates with you now or at some point in your life, How can you change that vibe? Remember your vibe can go up and down depending on where you are in life, things happen BUT it is your responsibility to switch things up.

1. Deep breathing, for this i like mindful meditation. This should be done daily

2. Get in contact with nature, water. GROUND, daily too.

3. Call upon your guides and angels to clear you aura and space.

4. Dance to or listen to music that uplift you.

5. watch a comedy movie, laugh.

6. Rest

7. Hugs and kisses

8. Pray to God source

9. Do something that makes you smile and feel warm inside. this could be taking a hot bath, getting a manicure or massage, read a book.

10. Give healing or receive energy healing.

11. surround yourself with white light and send it out.

12. Absorb sunlight/moonlight

13. repeat affirmations

14. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people.

Last but not least, spend time alone and listen to your SOUL, follow your heart and trust your inner guidance. The more you do this the higher you will vibrate, the happier you would be AND if anything you would know what to do to bring your vibe back up.

Before you go remember to share, text, or forward this article to anyone who needs it or might enjoy it and be sure to drop a line in the comments. Love hearing your thoughts!



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